Japanese inventor creates a lickable screen that will let you taste things in the metaverse

Homei Miyashita, a Japanese professor, is said to have created a prototype for a lickable television screen that can mimic various food flavors.

“The goal is to allow people to have the experience of eating at a restaurant on the other side of the world while staying at home.”

According to Reuters, “Taste the TV” employs ten flavor canisters, the combination of which produces a variety of flavors that users can sample on a hygienic film over a flat tv screen. Miyashita, who collaborates with a group of 30 students on various food devices, told the outlet that he created the flavored television screen over the last year and that it would cost around $875 to make.

Miyashita went on to say that the device could be used for learning experiences, and that he hopes to one day create a device that allows users to download different tastes.

According to Reuters, several companies have contacted Miyashita about the spraying mechanism, which could be used to spray flavors or spread onto other food items.



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